“Morbidity and mortality from preventable, noncommunicable chronic disease (NCD) threatens the health of our populations and our economies. The accumulation of vast amounts of scientific knowledge has done little to change this. New and innovative thinking is essential to foster new creative approaches that leverage and integrate evidence through the support of big data, technology and design thinking.” – extract from International Olympic Committee (IOC) consensus statement on prevention and management of chronic disease.1


Health Window is a disease management company, centered around medication adherence. Our relationship with pharmacy, combined with our call centre infrastructure, puts us in a unique position to combine the power of data with human-to-human interaction. Through proactive, data driven interactions, Health Window has proven itself to be a leader in adherence management. Consequently, chronic patients managed by Health Window show a significant gain in number of dispenses filled per year.


We believe that the insight we have into adherence behaviour should not only be used by ourselves to co-ordinate our interventions. Rather, these insights should be made available to treating providers to aid clinical decision making. This results in less opportunity for treatment inertia, more appropriate therapeutic changes and greater confidence in the management plan that is prescribed.



There is substantial evidence demonstrating the link between improved adherence and decreased morbidity and mortality2,3,4,5,6. Patients moving through the Health Window pharmacy network have access to our adherence management services, and greater opportunity to be afforded these benefits. However, we see that the drop-off between chronic script expiry and script renewal is significant (averaging roughly 50%). This translates into many chronic patients attending fewer than two doctor appointments per year, despite the average chronic script being valid for a 6-month period. Health Window can assist you by:

  • Reducing fragmentation of care related to poor script renewal rates

  • Increasing patient volume within your practice

  • Channeling

  • Smart identification of patients due for doctor visits.

  • Leverage call centre interactions to schedule bookings

  • scripts into Health Window pharmacies to enable continuity of care

  • Brokering relevant data to providers to support clinical decision making and reduce therapeutic inertia

  • Promoting improved clinical outcomes and better opportunity for value-based reimbursement


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