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Often funders or administrators invest large amounts of money in disease management. This typically includes providing costly patient counselling services. Services could include nurse educators and call centre based case managers. The nurses or case managers educate patients on how to best manage their disease. This does not however materialize in improved adherence as can be seen in both funder and pharmacy data.


A far better and less costly approach is to manage patient adherence up. If the patient is adherent to his doctor’s advice, they are far more likely to achieve optimal disease outcomes. Far more likely than a patient that is highly educated about a disease, but not on therapy. Health Window’s pharmacy network contains a very large patient which allows for adherence management at a scale which no competitor can match.


From improved adherence follows improved disease outcomes. Health Window has the means to collect both clinic and patient reported data to quantify improvements in disease outcomes. Being able to use pharmacy dispensary and clinic infrastructure to achieve disease management objectives reduces fund administration cost. It also enriches the available data sets to manage funder risks optimally.

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