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Can you calculate true ROI when spending your marketing budget?

It is a fact that pharmaceutical companies spend billions on marketing, however, is your ROI truly measurable? is your marketing efforts as effective as it should be?

Campaign Manager enables you as the pharmaceutical company to truly measure your Return On Investment when spending your marketing budget. 

What can Campaign Manager help me do?:

1. Campaign Manager finds your customers who have dropped off their prescription regimen and re-engage them to renew and replenish their chronic medication.  

2. Campaign Manager retains your patients and encourages additional purchases of supplements and/or additional products for their particular condition.   

3. Targeted campaigns can be aimed at specific chronic conditions and/or specific customers who use a specific product.  This targeted marketing will ensure a higher rate of influence by simply being more meaningful and relevant to your customers. 

4.  Seasonal products can be promoted to relevant patients using Campaign Manager, for example; promoting a flu vaccine to patients nationwide, who had a dispense in the pharmacy 30/60 days prior, who had a flu vaccination a year prior, between the ages of 20-40, these are just a few parameters of a vast list that can be chosen.

5. According to an in-depth analysis published in JAMA in January 2019, nearly $20 billion goes to persuading doctors and other medical professionals of the benefits of prescription drugs. Why not supplement that process by educating patients using Campaign Manager? By educating the patient about their disease and reiterating the benefits of taking their prescribed medication, the patient will less likely to be tempted to derail from their treatment plan.

6.Campaign Manager uses a cost effective, direct marketing approach targeting patients all over South Africa. This is an innovative way of not only marketing to the chronic market but also to a much wider OTC market. 

For more details on how we can help your marketing team target your efforts please contact us on  012 844 9000 or email us on info@healthwindow.co.za.  Let’s make health contagious!

We hope to hear from you soon!

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