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Imagine growing sales by R5 960 542 with your already existing patient pool

In our previous mail, we highlighted Health Window’s Patient Ready Parcel (PRP) service and how it may benefit your brand. 

Here are real results obtained for a specific Pharmaceutical company:

The following graph analyses a Pharmaceutical company's  revenue for patients on the Health Window Patient Ready Parcel (PRP) service.

Take a look below at the increase in annual revenue between unmanaged and managed (Health Window PRP customers) - The adherence gain is R5 960 542 per annum for this particular brand on the PRP service: 

The graph below illustrates the number of dispenses a year for patients on the HW PRP service vs unmanaged patients.  It compares the average number of dispenses per annum for both managed and unmanaged patients.   The difference between the two bars indicates adherence gains in terms of scripts per annum:

Below find Return On Investment (ROI) for 12 months up to May 2019. 

For every R1.00 you invest in the Health Window Patient Ready Parcel Service you gain R7.88!

Give us a call to schedule a time to discuss how you can increase your patient adherence with your already existing patients. 

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