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Imagine the power of a personal relationship with your patients

Health Window’s Patient Ready Parcel (PRP) service is designed to optimize chronic adherence and create powerful customer care strategies for your brand. 

Health Window’s data intelligence merges pharmacy dispense datasets and/or loyalty data with powerful adherence algorithms which hunt for the patients that meet certain adherence, disease and value criteria. 

This powerful, relevant data drives the activity of our Customer Care Agents to offer your patients convenience-based services, relevant health content and/or electronic services best suited to your individual patients care requirements.  

Being able to render this highly personalized and data driven intervention, typically results in a 50% gain in script renewals per annum. 

The benefits of Patient Ready Parcel (PRP) services for your brand is:

1. Patient adherence increased – 50% increase per patient per annum in revenue for your brand.

2. Your sales team can focus on new sales while Health Window take care of your leaking bucket to retain your current patients and increase adherence.

3. Disease management and patient outcomes are optimized – giving you a true competitive advantage

4. Your brand is able to drive patients back into their preferred pharmacies 50% more times per annum – creating better, stronger relationships with pharmacies

Should you have any questions on the Patient Ready Parcel service,  please feel free to contact us on 012 844 9000.

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