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Would you spend R1 to gain R5?

You already enjoy the benefits of using the Health Window’s call centre (Patient Ready Parcel Service) which drives better adherence for your products.  The Health Window PRP (Call Centre) Services is the most effective way of positively influencing patient adherence through building relationships.  However, thousands of patients are still unreached and subsequently remain non-adherent. 

This PRP service can be augmented by implementing the PackMyMeds Services thus extending benefits of improved adherence to thousands of additional patients. 

PackMyMeds is a service aimed at reaching:

- Patients who do not answer their phones 

- Patients that do not want to be called during office hours

- Patients who do not want to discuss their medication with another person

- Patients who like to be in control of when they order their chronic medication 

PackMyMeds is a convenient mobi-solution which drives patient adherence within pharmacies.  This intelligent, data-driven smartphone platform offers consumers a convenient, monthly prompt to drive patient adherence and make the most of the scripts which your Sales Team have worked so hard to gain!    

PackMyMeds is a simple, convenient service whereby, your patient  receives a monthly PackMyMeds message, clicks on the link, selects their medication, adds in any front shop or OTC items and selects delivery or pick-up from the pharmacy!  

Health Window’s engagement  leverages powerful technology:

Pharmacy dispense data is processed and combined with Health Window datasets to identify chronic patients and products. Our systems run various algorithms to ensure validity of scripts, checks for molecule conflicts and predicts future dispense dates to enable timely and accurate customer engagement. 

PackMyMeds is integrated with the consumers pharmacy of choice, thus building a better relationship with your pharmacies and making sure you drive adherence in the pharmacies that support your scripts. 

How do I access this service?

Experience PackMyMeds services for yourself. Click the link below and enrol on PackMyMeds now!


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