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Your pharmacy can play a role in saving lives!

Dear Pharmacists

What are the top 10 causes of death in men? 

Well, here is the list - according to Men's Health:

1. Heart disease

2. Cancers 

3. Injury

4. Stroke 

5. Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease 

6. Diabetes 

7. Influenza and pneumonia 

8. Suicide 

9. Kidney Disease 

10. Alzheimer’s Disease

You and your pharmacy can actively make a difference in helping your customers better manage 5 out of the 10 top causes of death in men! 

Campaign Manager allows you as the pharmacy to segment your patient pool according to major disease areas, such as heart disease or diabetes, and to engage such patients when they have missed a script, or are late to renew a script.

Take a stand and help raise awareness this Men's Health Month!

For information on Campaign Manager for your pharmacy, and how to use it for a business case as above, contact us on 012 844 9000.

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